codeRED Battle Zero Bone Conducting Headset for Kenwood/Baofeng, owned by DonLeone.


codeRED and the European distributor (Airsoftwinkel in The Netherlands) say this headset give the WOW factor. Well, we can say, it really does!
The Battle Zero Tactical Bone Conduction Headset is a lightweight headset with military style PTT. Bone conduction technology transmits and receives audio directly from vocal vibrations in the skull, the speakers don't block your ears so, if necessary, you can wear ear protection in noisy environments.
The system is modular so it's very easy to change components, like an adapter cable when you change a radio or headset type (like a throatmike) and it's compatible with popular 2-way radios.
It's very comfortable to wear, no pressure on your ears like tradiotional headsets or earplugs.


PTT switch (talkbutton) which is really big, so it can be used with gloves. The PTT box has two connectors (both exactly the same) on which you can connect the headset and on the other side the adapter cable for your portophone, in this case for Kenwood.Baofeng.


How does this headset work in the field?
DonLeone bought and tested this headset and he is extreme happy with it, The sound is great, it just feels like someone is standing next to you, it's very clear. You can still hear all sounds in your surrounding, so you can still be very alert for someone who is sneaking up to your position. Also when you speak (even when you whisper) the inbuild microphones takes up the speech very well. And you get rid of the annoying boommike, so it's eaasy to drink or eat while playing. Once you start using this system you will never go back to your old headset anymore.