Novritsch SSG-24 bolt action sniper rifle. Owned by: Don Leone and  Headhunter North.


The Novritsch SSG-24 (copy of a M24) is a spring powered airsoft sniper rifle, so no batteries, green gass, CO2 or HPA.
It can handle springs up to M190 (650 fps) and is standard delivered with M150 (500 fps).
Weight: 2600g.
Length: 1095-1155mm.
The stock is made from glass fiber reinforced polymer and is 7mm thick.
Innerbarrel is 6.01mm aluminum 475mm long.
The receiver is made from CNC machined aluminum with a Novritsch serial number.
On top is a picatinny rail.
Outer barrel is also CNC machined from a 4mm thick aluminum pipe.
A 2-stage trigger is mounted, the trigger and piston sear are made up of hardened double heat treated steel.
The hopup adjuster is accesable from the outside without tools. It can easily overhop BB's up to 0.46g.
More info you can find on Novritsch webpage.


The rifle will be delivered with case, Novritsch BB's (1 bottle with 550 very precise BB's), a transparant magazine (can contain 28 BB's), sniper patch and a cleaning rod.

- 2  mags (28 rounds).
- Scope with illuminated mil-dot reticle.
- Bottles of Novritsch BB's

Future extras will be:
- Camouflage cover for the rifle.
- Action camera mount with prism.
- Bipod.


How does this rifle work in the field?
We will report it as soon has the rifle is delivered and tested.
Just at the end of 2017 the order is been shipped, and has arrived at january 4th. Testing will be done soon.

See more at the review by Headhunter who already owned this rifle earlier.

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