Galaxy G20 (Spring powered) sidearm pistol. It's in use by member Don Leone. The Galaxy G20 is a full scale replica of a Smith & Wesson M945.


Overall Length: 220mm
Weight: 640gr
Caliber: 6mm bb's
Magazine Capacity: 12.
Velocity: 230 FPS
Powered by spring

Special Features:

Metal and polymer.
No hop-up.
No blow back.


No accessoires..


How does this pistol work in the field?
Because it's spring powered you can shoot only one bb at the time and have to move the slide by hand after each shot. No fun in the field, but I just bought this gun, because it's cheap (around €25), it felt ok in the hand and because of the weight and I only use it to practise my pistol skills indoor.
If you want to start airsoft this gun is a good one to practise, it feels good and shoots powerful.
The gun is made of metal and only the grip is polymer, which gives a great grip.