Delta Outpost 19 is an old bungalow holiday parc in Gasselte in the beautiful province of Drenthe in The Netherlands.
Open and private skirms are helt here by Airsoft Combat Support.
The terrain is prity large and consists of forest, watercanals, old bungalows, a perfect combination of woodland and CQC skirms.
Facilities: Indoor cafetaria with place to change clothes, toilets, water, electricity, free parking place, possible to buy BB's and gas and possible to hire equipment if you don't own your own gear, ideal for people who want to discover the airsoft sport.

Out team have played there several times and we really like this place. Well organized, good briefing, gentlemen play and the terrain, it is absolutly wonderful.

Address: Bosweg 2,  9462 TA Gasselte, NL.