DIY - paracord watchband

How to make a survival watchband with paracord

Make your own survival paracord watchband

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How to make a paracord watch band

Make your favorite time piece field proof with this beginner friendly paracord project: How to make a paracord watch band.
How to make a Paracord Watch Band – stuff you’ll need

A watch
I used a Timex Expedition Scout
About 3m of paracord (Buy USBuy AU) in the color of your choice
Small buckle
A lighter


A spring bar tool
Paracord Fid
Forceps or long-nose pliers will do just fine too

How to make a Paracord Watch Band – Phase 1

First up, you want to prep your watch. You can use pretty much any watch you like that comes with some kind of strap of about a 20mm strap. Metal band watches come with a different attachment on the face and unfortunately won’t do.
The watch we used comes with a nato style strap, so it’s easy to undo. If your watch comes with a strap that’s looped around the spring bars, don’t worry. You won’t have to go to town with scissors. Either have the straps taken of by your local watch maker of buy a spring bar tool and follow these instructions. If you choose the latter option, you can also easily change between you original strand and the paracord watch band later on.

1. Fold your paracord in half and tuck it through one piece of the buckle. Create a cow hitch by tucking the two ends through this loop you just made. You want to tighten the cow hitch so you have two uneven tails. A short one that’s two times the circumference plus a few extra centimeter and one long one.

2. Tuck the two ends through the spring bars of your watch and through the other part of your buckle. Try on your watch to make sure it’s the right length. You want it a little loose, because it’s going to bulk up a bit during the weaving process.

3. Happy with the length of you paracord watch band? Tuck each end of the paracord through the buckle once more on the outside of the first two strands. Center the watch face on your band.

4. Pass the two ends of the paracord through the spring bars on the outside of the first two strands.
How to make a Paracord Watch Band – Phase 2

5. Pass the two ends through the buckle on the outside of your cow hitch. Take the end on the right to start weaving. Pass it over the first strand, under strand 2 + 3 and over number 4. The left strand should only be a small tail and won’t do anything until you’re done weaving.

6. Tighten the first weave and pass the same end through again. This time do the opposite of the previous weave. So under the first, over top of the next two and under the last.

7. Keep weaving and make sure to tighten each time you start a new row. The tighter you pull them, the neater the end result is going to be.

8. Keep going until you can’t fit in any more rows. Be careful not to accidentally move the watch face away from the center.
How to make a Paracord Watch Band – Phase 3

9. Turn you watch around and tuck your end through the bottom middle weave. I find that this keeps the band most symmetrical and also keeps it tightly in place. Makes switching between bands easier later on. Pass the end through the spring bar in the center of the four strands that are already there.

10. Pass the end through the other spring bar. Turn it to the left, over top of both strands. Turn it back down and pass it under the first strand, over the middle two and over top of the last one.

11. And the weaving starts again. Pass the end over top of the first strand, underneath the next two and over top of the final one. Tighten the weave and keep weaving further.

12. Keep going until you can’t fit in any more rows.
How to make a Paracord Watch Band – Phase 4

13. This is where a fid is going to come in handy. Attach the paracord to the fid by screwing it in the end. Pull the end of you paracord through the center of at least 3 rows.

14.Snip off the remaining tail of the paracord and attach the fid to the other tail. Tuck the tail through the first piece of paracord that’s curled around the buckle.

15. Pull it tight and pass it through the middle of at least 3 rows of weaving.

16. Pull that tight and cut off the remaining tail. And you’re pretty much done! You can singe the ends of the paracord and press them into the band or leave them as there are. Whichever you prefer.

If you got stuck anywhere, let me know in the comments below. And make sure to send us a photo when you’re done. We’d love to see how you went.

Original article from Merel Lloyd-Parker and added here by Don Leone.